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Home and car spare key: where to keep them

It’s smart to have a spare key that you keep somewhere out of sight that only you can get to when you need to get into your house or your vehicle. But, how do you know when it comes to home and car spare key: where to keep them. Never place it in an obvious spot, like the proverbial “under the doormat” scenario. Here are some unexpected places to stash a spare key:


Bury It

Put the key inside a sealed plastic container – an unused medicine bottle works nicely – and, find a place in the yard to bury it. Don’t find a spot so close to the front door that it is apparent. Find a spot that will be easy for you to find if you need to but not to others. Never use a fake rock or any other fake items sold for the purpose of hiding a key.

Spare Key


Attach a hook or a loop fastener to the inside of part of the house siding, and tuck the key inside. A paperclip tied to a thin string or fishing line also works well. Leave a very small portion of theh string or wire exposed so you can pull the key out when needed. Obviously, don’t stash it next to the front door but somewhere that makes it retrievable when necessary but out of sight of a crook looking.

Hide House Key

Wallet or Purse

Keep a spare house or car key tucked inside a crease in your wallet or a zipper compartment in your purse.

Spare Key in a Wallet

With a Neighbor

One of the best spots to hide a spare key for your home or your car is with a trusted friend or neighbor. The first rule of thumb with this tip is to make sure the person is someone you trust completely.

Spare Key


Lock Box

Most people think of a lock box only when selling or buying a house. They are typically used by real estate agents as a way to access the key to show a house. Before the box will open, you need to input a code or combination. Also, when a real estate agent uses them, they are usually hooked onto the front door for all to see. If you use a lockbox for storing a spare house or automobile key, make sure it is places out of sight. If it is a lock box for your car key, find one that is magnetic.

Lock Box

Go Keyless

If you are prone to losing your keys and often need to find a hidden key, think about going keyless with electronic keypad entry systems. You will never have to worry about losing a key ever again.Keyless Lock

Let the experts at Scottsdale Locksmith Service and Supply help when you are locked out of your home or car. Our technicians can also give helpful tips about home and car spare keys and where to keep them

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