Panic Device for Commercial Doors

Commercial Door Panic Device

If you own or manage a commercial property, panic devices might serve your best interest. It will be appreciated if you already have them installed, but if you don’t, it would be wise to consider adding them to your property. While there are usually pros and cons with most security systems, we are yet to see any downsides of installing panic or exit devices for your business.

But, what are panic devices?

Also known as crash bar, exit device, or push bar, a panic device is a metal tumbler lever lock set up to ease the fast and safe unlocking of doors during an emergency. They are usually installed on the back of a door opening outwards and come along with a horizontally placed metallic spring. You can find panic devices in commercial properties such as restaurants, grocery stores, dry cleaners, and other public institutions such as schools, libraries, and medical facilities.

Panic bars or devices are really impressive in their function. Rather than having to turn a door knob to exit a building, a simple nudge opens up the door for you to safely exit during an emergency. Some panic devices come along with alarm systems to prevent unauthorized persons from having access.

As a result of the importance of panic devices in commercial properties, it is ideal that they are installed by a licensed and professional locksmith. During an emergency, an optimally functioning panic device will allow for safe crowd flow through the doorway. The fast acting mechanism of the device helps to minimize the risks associated with overwhelming the exit with overflow of people. However, a proper exit plan is required to prevent any injuries that may occur due to the exit of a large crowd.

Panic Bar

Is Installation of Panic Devices a Requirement?

It largely depends on your locality. Is some areas, having panic devices installed are optional while in other localities, they are a must-have in according to the building regulations. Since each locale may have unique regulations and requirements, it is best to check with your builder or fire department to ensure you comply with the safety requirements. However, the importance of panic devices in commercial properties cannot be underestimated. They offer ease of use and convenience during an emergency.

For instance, in the case of a fire or shooter, a fast and organized exit will be required and panic devices help to achieve this goal almost immediately. At Scottsdale Locksmith Service, we recognize the importance of safety and security in business properties. As such, we offer extensive locksmith services, assisting business owners and managers with panic device installations – our locksmiths can help by evaluating your property and selecting one that is suitable for you.

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