Avoid Locked Out

How to avoid getting locked out?

We all go through such situations. Whenever we are in hurry, we go outside the house, slam the door and when the door is closed, we realize that we are in deep trouble! Yes, we then realize that we have locked out ourselves due to extreme haste and hurry! If you are a bit efficient and vigilant, you can actually avoid such situations. There’s no big deal involved.

So, let’s have a look at a few of the excellent ways through which we can avoid getting locked out.

So, without any further ado, here we go!

  • Install a keyless locks

We have progressed ahead and it’s high time that we start using modern methods in order to make our lives easier. Nowadays people are installing keyless doorknobs in place of traditional door knobs for increased security and efficiency. The main error that people perform is that they lock the doorknob from the inside and leave the house, forgetting the keys inside. Hence, when there will be a keyless doorknob, you’ll not have to face the hassle of carrying keys. Most of the modern days’ keyless door knobs operate through a fingerprint.

  • Give a spare key to your neighbor

It’s a great and cheap way to avoid getting locked out. Just give a spare key to your neighbor so that if you are locked out, you can immediately rush towards your neighbor and ask him/her for the keys. But, this tactic will only be helpful if the neighbor is 100% trustworthy.

  • Keep a spare key for your home in your car

You can also keep a spare key in your car always. Your car is parked outside the house so if there’s an emergency situation, you will have no problem getting the keys from the car, thereby entering your premises. But, there’s a big downside to this method. Well, if sometimes, God forbid, someone gets access to your car, they will access everything present in your car. Thus, your home will be at a huge risk.

  • Keep a spare key at a secret location, outside your home

People also keep a spare key at a secret location outside their homes. Outside your home, there could be a small box, a dustbin, a mat, or something similar in which you can easily keep a spare key. In this way, whenever you are stuck in such a situation, you can get access to the key. However, many robberies and burglaries happen as the robbers are able to find the secret location. Many victims have reported that robbers break-into the homes without applying any force which means that they actually found the secret location!

The Bottom Line

These are a few methods through which you can avoid getting locked out. However, the best method is to install a keyless doorknob. The modern days’ demands are definitely very challenging. So, you need to tackle them in extraordinary ways. For installing a high-quality keyless door knob, call a competent locksmith service company NOW!

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